Nangayi Guyson

I am a creative and diligent investigative journalist who writes in-depth, accurate and well researched stories. I write about social, economic, humanitarian, environmental, and political issues from around the African continent.
My work has appeared on different medias around the world. I have contributed to aljazeera English,Think Africa Press , The London Evening Post, Shout-Africa, AllVoices, All Africa, Investigator Uganda, Grand report, and Informer East Africa. I am a very determined journalist who always wants to be the first with the news when it comes to the Africa and meeting deadlines is my first priority. I love exposing Africa to the outside world with news and enjoys media interviews, working in war torn areas, researching and investigating on current issues arising, and going out to cover press trips and assignments.

Land Grabs Continue to Destroy Uganda’s Forests

Uganda is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the African continent because of its diverse ecosystems that include natural forests, savanna woodlands, wetlands, lakes and rivers. Early European explorers branded it the “Pearl of Africa.” Much of Uganda lies on the African plateau between 900-1,500 meters above sea level. Its tropical highland forests are divided in three distinct geographical zones, characterized by rainfall regimes — the eastern rim of the Western Rift Valley in t

Why are Uganda's schools disappearing?

Kampala, Uganda - The bulldozers razed Nabagereka Primary School to the ground, leaving nothing but rubble and classroom detritus. Rose Nakamya heard about her school's demolition when she was watching the morning news two weeks before she was due back at Nabagereka for the new school term. "No one told us that our school would be demolished," Nakamya said. "I think our government doesn't care much about our schools." January's demolition of Nabagereka is just one example of a worrying trend

Undress for redress: The rise of naked protests in Africa | African Arguments

A couple of months ago, a firestorm of controversy and debate was ignited in Uganda when Dr Stella Nyanzi stripped naked as a form of protest. The academic at Makerere University’s Institute of Social Research was involved in a dispute with the institute’s director, and in retaliation at being locked out of her office discarded her clothes. As Nyanzi’s protest hit the headlines in Uganda and beyond, the response was highly polarised. Some Ugandans fully supported the academic’s bold actions, wh

Ugandan troops to continue with Kony hunt in Central African Republic

Even after Central African Republic Seleka rebels who seized power on Sunday threatened to expel all foreign forces from the Country, Uganda says it has plans of keeping its African Union-mandated troops to continue with the hunt for Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) fighters in the Central African nation. Ugandan military spokesman Paddy Ankunda said on Tuesday that the army has got orders from the commander-in-chief to continue with operations there and will be on the highest form of alert should

Uganda's Anti-Pornography Bill - 'If a Woman Wears a Miniskirt, We Will Arrest Her'

With its vague and broad definition of 'pornography', Uganda's proposed Anti-Pornography Bill could curb a range of individual rights and freedoms. Uganda has hit the international headlines once again recently following the re-tabling in parliament of a proposed Anti-Pornography Bill. Just months after MP David Bahati's Anti-Homosexuality Bill - referred to by many as the 'Kill the Gays' Bill - attracted international attention and much condemnation, the Anti-Pornography Bill has now generated another storm of controversy in Uganda and beyond.